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Repel birds and pests with natural visual inhibitions.
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Deter birds with Irri-Tape! A metallic diffraction foil that uses sight, sound, and physical discomfort to keep birds away.

Our Price: $29.95
Coyote 3D

Life-like, full-size menacing predator 3D Coyote Decoy rids an area of disease-carrying Canada geese. Safe, humane, and effective plus it works without using dangerous chemicals. A lifelike furry tail changes positions in the slightest breeze. Provides 360-degree coverage, visible from any angle - superior to flat silhouette cutouts.

Our Price: $45.95
Gator Guard

Realistic 'moving' predator head bobs along moving water. The Gator Guard® is a simple, easy, money-saving bird deterrent floats on top of water as mirrored eyes catch the sun with 3-dimensional, 360° visibility; birds think they are being followed.

Our Price: $45.95