"Green Is The Goal"

At PlanetGreenSpot, our focus is to offer products that are designed or manufactured with the planet in mind. 

We focus on products that are eco-friendly because the items are made from recycled materials, come from

renewable or sustainable resources, or simply help to conserve energy.  We search for organic and biodegradable options

when possible so you can have peace of mind about what you are using on your yard and around your family and pets.

We also focus on niche products from small producers and great quality products made in the USA!  

Any products made in the USA are proudly labeled on the product page. 

After nearly a decade, PlanetGreenSpot continues our goal to offer products that 

blend innovation, style, and high quality with sustainability. With your help we will create changes in the green industry

 and introduce more planet-friendly products that prove to the world that consumers can help the planet!